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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App?

This is by far the most common frequently asked question. Some app companies will tell you $50,000 PLUS. Others will say $20,000.

What’s the real answer?

Most people with an app idea can get started for as little $2,000.

Yep, you’re reading that right.

Only as low as $2k down.

But don’t expect most app development companies to admit that to you.

They won’t.

In fact, they can’t afford because most app dev companies have built their businesses on targeting enterprise customers – these are organisations that can afford to spend hundreds of thousands on an app!

At Freedom Apps we’re interested in assisting the “little guy”. That’s the first time app entrepreneur – “appreneur” – hit the ground running with their app without breaking the bank!

For an opportunity to chat about your app idea with our Head of Product Development, just go here:

(Please note: There’s always limited availability for these Discovery Calls. If demand is too high you may be placed on a waiting list).

Is my app idea any good?

This is the second most commonly asked question.

You have a few options.

First, expect to spend hours and hours doing heavy research on your market.

Second, you might want to do surveys. You could run some “fake ads” to test if people click on them.

Either case, you’ll be out of pocket at least a few grand.

Third, spend even more hours conducting intensive competitor analysis.

Fourth, invest a few weeks (yes, weeks) preparing your business plan.

Apply here:

Or you can shortcut this process by applying for a Discovery Call with our Head of Product Development.

Since our team have created hundreds of apps it means we can almost instantly tell if an app idea is a potential winner.

So rather than spending dozens of hours doing it all yourself we can give you the answers you need in as little as 20 minutes.

Even though Discovery Calls are normally priced at $495 – for a limited time – we’re a handful every month on a complimentary basis.

In other words, free.

Of course, application for a Discovery Call does not guarantee acceptance. We receive more applications every month than we can possibly fulfill. So you could be denied or put on a waiting list.

Freedom Apps

I need investment money – How do I raise funds for my start up?

You have a few options:

  1. Raise money from family and friends (we don’t recommend this as we’ve seen many personal relationships be destroyed because of business).
  2. Venture capital (it’s possible but you need to have a sizzling Slide Deck. Thankfully, at FreedomApp we’ve got you covered because as a client you’ll get our proprietary 15 page slide deck template to woo investors).
  3. Government Grants – can take a lot of time and tonnes of paperwork without any guarantee you’ll get funding.
    Crowdfunding – can be a good source of money but it can take a lot of preparation.
  4. FreedomApp “Start Up” fund – by far this is the easiest option. Long ago our team realised how tough it is for first time appreneurs to raise money – so we went out and raised them money for them! This means – if we think your app idea is killer – we’ll give you the money through our “Start Up” fund. Ask our Head of Product Development during your Discovery Call.